Monday, April 14, 2014

Galactic Goblets

Birthday gifts aren't always easy to come up with. Sometimes you want something that is custom made for someone that fits their interests exactly. For that you want something like these etched cups.

Specially made for the Star Trek, and of course, drinking enthusiast, these cups boldly go where no cup has gone before. The cups have the uniform logo from the original series on one side and Star Trek in the shows special font going up the other side.

Nearly anything can be designed to be etched into a cup like this, so it makes a great gift to make nearly anyone happy.

To start you are going to want to find some good cups. You will want to find glasses with flat surfaces so the image you will be applying won’t be distorted.

Next you are going to want to find the image to put onto the glasses. Keep in mind the more complicated the image is to draw the harder it is going to be to cut out. After that you will want to size out the image so it will fit properly on the cup. After getting the image to size you will trace the image onto contact paper using carbon paper.

After cleaning the glass thoroughly, take the contact paper and place it onto the glass. Do your best to make sure it’s not at an odd angle. Use an x-acto, or similar craft knife, to cut the image out on the glass. Peel the cut areas from the glass.

 Apply masking tape around the glass to cover everywhere but the area where the graphic is going to be. Then apply etching compound to the graphic area. Follow the directions from your etching compound. Most will want to be left on for several minutes.

After the compound has done its job you just need to rinse off the compound thoroughly, remove the tape and contact paper, give the glass a thorough cleaning and then fix yourself a nice drink in your custom glass. Perhaps one of these Star Trek inspired drink recipes used at Quark’s Bar.

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