Saturday, December 11, 2010

Magic glasses

I have a bunch of geeky friends, I suppose thats a side effect of being a geek myself. Anyway, when a birthday or christmas comes up I usually make them something related to something I know they like. Almost all the guys I know play Magic the Gathering, did I say play, I ment live Magic the Gathering. This usually makes it pretty easy on me as they will love anything Magic. I like to make things that are both neat and functional because in the end you can only have so many things that are just to look at.

So one of these guys birthday I decided to make a set of etched glasses with the each of the mana symbols on one side and logo on the other. They are currently sitting on my coffee table with everything cut out and completly covered in masking tape just waiting to be etched.

This coming saturday is Games Day at the comic book shop in town. All of us geeks get together to play various games. Since its so close to Christmas we wanted to have a party of sorts so I've been thinking about making christmas cookies for everyone. Back in highschool I would make music note shaped cookies for my fellow band nerds. Now that the type of my fellow nerds has changed I figure the  type of cookies I make should change as well. I think making the mushrooms from Mario would be both awesome and easy to make. So thats probably what I'm going to make. I think they would go over really well.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New to this...

I've seen I don't know how many craft blogs and figured, "Hey, why not jump on the bandwagon!" As I see it if I start blogging about what I'm making perhaps it will keep me motivated to finish what I'm working on. Usually I'm the kind of person who starts something, works really hard on about half of it, and then gets distracted by making something new and then it starts all over again.

Now that its the Christmas Season I feel like I'm swamped with all the things I want/have to make for people. Not to mention I'm worried I'll forget something or someone. To top it all off I have friends who want me to help them make gifts for other people. I'm really hoping it is only helping cause I have enough of my own things to make.

My current craft that is consuming most of my spare time now is the quilt I'm making. About a year ago I saw a picture online of a quilt that looked like a bookshelf and in that moment knew I had to make one. Thankfully, since I come from a long line of crafty women, my mom has everything I've ever needed to make the quilt. Including an embroidery machine that I've used to put the titles of some of my favorite books on it. I'm really happy with how its come out so far and there have only been a few minor mishaps. I'll post some pictures on here of it once I get it all sewed together.